Student Handbook

The Student Handbook is published below in it's entirety. However, the following information is provided to help clarify sections of the Code of Conduct & Dress Code. For further clarification please contact an administrator with any questions.

Cell Phones

REMINDER ABOUT CELL PHONES - Per the Code of Conduct "Cell phones are allowed in school, but no use or display of cellular phones will take place during the school day. The school is not responsible for any of these items being brought to school. If students persist in bringing them to school or using them at school, disciplinary action may result."

In order to ensure that the Code of Conduct is being followed, Parkside has adopted the following policy:

Parkside Cell Phone and Electronics Policy

Students’ usage of their cell phones is a distraction from their education and is a disruption to our learning environment. The expectation at Parkside is that when a student enters the building, their phone, headphones and other electronic devices are to be turned off and put away. They will not be allowed out on desks or tables.

First Offense- Phone, headphones, or device is held in the office and returned at the end of the day to the student.

Second Offense- Phone, headphones, or device held in the office and parents will need to pick up the phone.

Third Offense- Students will need to turn the phone, headphones, or device into the office each morning and will retrieve it at the end of the day or not be allowed to bring the phone back to school.

If students refuse to follow these expectations their parent/guardian will be required to come in and meet with an administrator and their child regardless of the circumstance immediately. While we understand this may disrupt a parent or guardian’s day, cell phone usage in school is an enormous disruption to your child's daily education.

We need the support of families with this policy. Families please do not text or call your student’s cell phone during the school day. If there is a message you need to get to your student, you can call the school and speak to someone in the office. If a student needs to make an emergency call they may use the phone in the classroom or have a pass to use the phone in the office.

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