Guidance & Student Support

The Guidance and Support staff at Parkside is an essential component in student success. The Parkside Guidance and Support staff are available to current Parkside students and their families to address academic, social and emotional matters, or concerns that may adversely impact a student's academic success.


Ms. Beth Sacherski

5th Grade Guidance Counselor

(603) 624-6356

Mr. Johnathan Cheney

6th Grade Guidance Counselor

(603) 624-6356

Ms. Jennifer Darby

7th Grade Guidance Counselor

(603) 624-6356 Ext. 12

Ms. Rebecca L'Heureux

8th Grade Guidance Counselor

(603) 624-6356 Ext. 14


My name is Rebecca L'Heureux and I am the current counselor for students in grade 8!

I work with students, teachers and families to provide social, emotional and academic support to assist Parkside students be their best, most productive selves! Prior to working at Parkside I was a counselor at West High School and love serving families in the west side community.

WEST side is the BEST side!!!

Mr. Michael Bagtaz

Student Assistance Program (SAP)

(603) 624-6356 Ext. 16

Michael Bagtaz is the Student Assistance Program Counselor for Middle School at Parkside. He works with students from all grades, using individual and group counseling, along with classrooms lessons on topics like Mental Health Management, Drugs and Alcohol, and Grief/Loss.

Parkside Initiatives

Parkside Pantry

Parkside students and families who lack consistent access to food are invited to stop by and browse our selection of items. Our products may vary from week to week but include items such as frozen goods, canned goods, breakfast items, and more! If you are need of assistance please give us a call or stop by the school.

Parkside Clothing Closet

The Parkside Clothing Closet is available to students who are receiving free or reduced lunch, may have recently experienced emergencies, displaced students, and/or those identified as in need by school officials. Students can gain access to the Parkside Clothing Closet by connecting with their guidance counselor, student assistant program counselor, or school social worker anytime during the school day.