About Parkside

The Middle School at Parkside serves a diversified student body from across the West Side of Manchester. Our enrollment includes 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th graders from Gossler Park Elementary, Parker-Varney Elementary and Northwest Elementary.

The schedule listed below is our remote/hybrid learning schedule. Split periods are lunch periods for half the period and Enrichment for the other half, while all other teams are in academic classes for the full period. Students are expected to follow a normal class schedule diring remote instruction and meet with their assigned teachers at the designated times. WEDNESDAYS are Independent Learning days and students will only meet with teachers as scheduled, however it *IS* a school day and students are expected to be working on lessons as assigned by the teachers.

A Period - 7:35-7:55

B Period - 8:00-8:50

C Period - 8:55-9:45

D Period - 9:50-10:40

EF Period - 10:45-11:35
(5th Grade Lunch and Movement Break)

GH Period - 11:40-12:30
(6th and 7th Grade Lunch and Movement Break)

IJ Period - 12:35-1:25
(8th Grade Lunch and Movement Break)

K Period 1:30-2:20

When calling the school please refer to the list below for how to reach our staff. To leave a message for one of Parkside's teachers, please contact the main office or use the dial by name directory.

Dial 1- Mrs. Smith, main office

Dial 2- Mrs. Valenti, main office

Dial 3 - Mrs. Verville, main office

Dial 4 - for a dial by name directory

Dial 5 - to reach the COVID ATTENDANCE LINE

Dial 6 - to reach the ATTENDANCE LINE

Dial 7 - Detective Feliciano, School Resource Officer

Dial 8 - Mrs. Keefe, school nurse

Dial 9 - Mrs. Fields, Assistant Principal

Dial 10 - Mr. Hebert, Assistant Principal

Dial 11 - Mr. Szuksta , Principal

Dial 12- Ms. Record, Social Worker

Dial 13 - Ms. Darby, Grade 8 Guidance

Dial 14 - Ms. Sacherski, Grade 6 uidance

Dial 15 - Mr. Cheney, Grade 7 Guidance

Dial 16 - Ms. Wentworth, Grade 5 Guidance

Dial 17 - Ms. Wright, STAY

Dial 18 - Ms. Barney, GEAR Up

Dial 19 - Cafeteria Staf