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A Message from Mr. Ransdell

posted Sep 18, 2018, 5:14 PM by Stacey Rust-Belforti

Dear Parents, Guardians, Staff and Members of the Parkside Community,

The PTG will meet at Parkside this Wednesday evening the 19th beginning at 6:30 p.m.  All are encouraged to attend our first meeting of the year.  In addition, Parkside sent home the information about our only "school wide," school sponsored fundraiser of the year today.  We hope families can assist.  

Attendance Information -
We are entering the first full week of school after 7 days of school over two partial weeks.  There are many important things taking place and in the works for the coming weeks. Future communications will address them in in detail.  This first message is about the foundation of success for your child in school. That foundation is attendance. Regular and consistent attendance leads to success.  Absences lead to struggle and the greater the number the greater the chance of failure. To give you an idea 131 of Parkside’s 658 students have already missed at least one day of school.  86 Students have missed one day. If that attendance rate continues, those students will miss 25 days of school this year. 18 students have missed 2 days of school. At that rate those students will miss 50 days of school this year.  12 students have missed three days. That rate will lead to 75 absences. 3 students have missed 4 days, translating to 100 missed days for the year. 13 students have missed more than 4 of the first 7 days. Those numbers indicate little to no education will take place for those kids this year.  The state defines a truant as a student who misses more than 5 days per year. While we know illness does happen, keep those numbers in mind when your child indicates he or she is ill and does not want to attend school. Vomiting, fever, etc. should keep kids home. When in doubt the nurse here at school can be of assistance.  Family vacations and similar choices can not be excused.

This year we will communicate with families in various ways to make you aware of your child’s attendance pattern.  Each day a call is made using our School Messenger system to alert you if your child is absent. If a child reaches 5 unexcused absences a letter will be sent informing you of this and arranging a meeting to discuss attendance issues.  Finally, students who are accumulating absences that impact their ability to learn will be monitored regularly by their teachers, guidance and administration. We will work with families in any way we can to help with issues related to attendance. Our guidance counselors and social worker stand ready to assist along with each and every staff member.  As a final resort if a student reaches an unacceptable number of absences Parkside must make reports to the Division of Children Youth and Families.

Please monitor your child’s attendance and develop the expectation your child attend school unless the illness is as described above.  Please make every effort to schedule medical and dental appointments for after school hours.

With Parkside Pride
Forrest Ransdell